She’s Going to Go

She’s going to go

No matter what you wish for

How much you know

you’ll miss her

She’ll go anyways.

She has to.

It’s her time.


And when she goes,

she’ll turn back one more time

so she can get a look at you

before she enters

her new world.

the one without you.


And she’ll definitely struggle

in the night,

in her loneliness.

And she’ll smile with

joy in the moments

she’s forgotten you.


And when you’re heart

grows quiet,

calmed from her absence,

coming to terms with the fact

that she’s gone,

she’ll reach out to you,

imploring you

to remember her.


And you’ll smile because

even though,

she had to go,

she’ll never forget

your place in her heart,

a beacon

that lights her way home.





In the deepest silences,

the emptiest forests,

the music halls,

the most hidden recesses

of the heart,

I look for god.

In the food on the table

and the strength in my legs.

the moon.

The sky.

the salt from the ocean

that sits on my warm skin.

there are those who


but I have seen

the face of god,

In these miracles

every day.



You’re so fucked up.

You can’t learn.

You can’t control yourself.

You aren’t able

to distinguish reality from


You’re paranoid.

You need discipline.

One moment on the lips,

Just snap out of it.

If you can’t fit

your square peg

into this round hole,

then there’s something wrong with you.


And everyone else is right.

Everyone else is normal.

It’s you that’s fucked up.

Why can’t you

just get it together?

It’s not us.

It’s you.

Just you.



Why can’t you just try

to act

exactly like everyone else?

It’s no big deal.







You May Say I’m a Dreamer, But I’m Not the Only One


you had the power

to make the Yangtze sparkle, teem with dolphins,

rebuild the polar ice caps,

feed every single child on the planet,

make the nights safe in El Salvador, Tehran, Moscow,

but you held the power in your hand,

desperately afraid that to give meant to lose

ignorant of the fact

that when they win, we all win,

or maybe your attention is lured

from the power in your palm

by Beyoncee’s instagram, the latest royal wedding, reality tv,

which are more pretend than dragons and fairy tales

because the powers that be,

don’t want you to know

your voice, your strength, your heart

are more powerful than all the money in the world.

to be ignorant of the truth

and for what it’s worth,

your money,

believe it or not,

can support ten families over

with true happiness,

not what is portrayed on the iphone commercials.

That’s what it’s like to be American,

in case you were wondering.

State of the Union

Jeggings have reached an all time

climax in quality and technology,

which only gives hope

in the world of athleisure

2018 has become.

and perhaps people

will finally come to their senses

and stop wearing those ridiculous

shirts with cutouts on the sleeves,

jesus christ, have some dignity.

Maybe they show off the toned

arms of the people

who drink butter in their coffee

and run the holiday k’s

5k 10k 100k

or care about Tom Brady

because snap chat

or facebook for the fogies like me

helps eliminate the terror

of sending our children to school

with bullies, armed gunmen, microwave burritos

while we sit in traffic,


because bills must be paid

and we should be so happy to have a job

and a brand new corolla

and one of those pink cat beanies

all the white women use to toast,


with their vente lattes or pumpkin spice chai no foam keto sugar free bullshit

feeling all Gloria Steinem,

although evil still reigns the land, the world.

And we elected Joffrey Baratheon and

smile when gas is under five dollars,

because our lives are the same

better for our sniveling children,

who don’t eat their vegetables,

refuse us, refuse their teachers

get anxious when there’s homework

because it’s dog eat dog on the foursquare court

and we need to make sure our piece of this world

is defended

like the cowboys we are.

But without grit, toughness, hard work, resources.

Cowboys knew justice.

They at least knew that if they didn’t work hard enough,

they’d perish. But we’ve stopped telling

that side of the story, especially to our children.

Now, it’s all about what I can gain in SPITE of you,

card-carrying members of the blame game,

all of us, not caring to stop

the wheel of injustice

to give and give and give to others,

like all the greats did, the ones who actually changed things,

and probably didn’t brunch after their once a year protest.

Obama famously said “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Well, I can say, while wearing my jeggings, and looking away in disgust

at those stupid blouses with the cutout shoulders,

that if what Obama said was true,

we should cry into our Starbucks,

because we are the ones

who don’t care enough about anyone,

including ourselves, to tame this wild west

and by acting truly human,

make this world great

if not “again,” then, at least

this once.