Personal Ad

Seeking: the one person or few people, because they’re a dying breed,

who don’t need to fit in.

who eschew being the voluntary foie gras

of the media, the markets, the masses,

those desperate for dumbed down daily doses

of news fodder, like snacks, to ease the hunger

of real knowledge- frightening, unappetizing, titillating and dirty

though it may be.


Candidates should love books and history,

coffee from an actual mug,

Thelonius Monk,

engaging in conversation that has nothing to do with reality TV,

art of all kinds,

and will probably still be trying to figure out the meaning of it all.


Please no active social media owners,

competitive parents, whiners/complainers/victims,

unimaginative, apathetic citizens,

or the passionless automatons who strive only

to match the Jones’s debt.


Please respond if you are not looking for an escape,

but a friend, to enjoy rambling discourse

about how the good old days were better, but this present

parking lot of existence is cracked,

and flowers fight like champions

to thrive. As we must.


You can find me: in the actual library, in central park,

walking the exhibits at the art museum

like a reunion with dear, old friends. I can be found

roller skating with my favorite eleven year old,

or attempting the Times crossword puzzle,

on my fourth cup of coffee, Sunday all day.

On rare occasions, I shop for more records,  volunteer,

chat with old people and children,

sit, trancelike,  in a jazz club of my dreams,

wear unironic silly glasses,  or read during a party,

after having grown tired of the smalltalk.


You should: love those corduroy blazers with the patches on the elbows,

have a grasp of the obvious mistakes human kind keeps making

despite the clear patterns toward ultimate destruction,

be fueled with optimism that all we need is love and music

and passion and understanding to overcome those mistakes,

scorn popular music (of all genres),

probably have a cat or dog for those languid mornings spent alone thinking,

and be curious about how you don’t feel counter-cultural, but cannot stomach cultural norms.


Please send all replies via paper and pen.




13 thoughts on “Personal Ad

  1. Ha, love this, and barring having your snailmail address, I’ll just leave you this comment! Have just been binging on Jane Austen retreads this summer and your add reminds me of some of her better characters…the ones who are more substance than style, and who know what true culture and virtue are…

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    • Lorelei Kilmore says:

      Let’s collect all these people from CA (where I am) to OR (where you are) and store them like treasures. With lots of wine and bruschetta, of course.

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      • Becca says:

        In an overpriced, gingham-lined picnic basket, naturally. Hopefully we can find one roomie enough for the dozens of gems out there, and hopefully no one cuts the cheese. 🙂

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  2. I am an original thinker. I wouldn’t even be at the party. I hate and have always hated those way too chic way too in corduroy jackets with patches and I usually despise the oh so predictable person inside of them smoking the obligatory pipe. You are wanting to push someone into an envelope of your choosing. You are defining what is free. Why must I write on paper to be a free thinker? Can I not embrace what technology has brought me? I love digital! I’m one of the few people my age I know that embraces digital with gusto. It’s because I swore I would not get old and stodgy. I would learn all there was to learn that was new. I will throw out what does not serve me. Why can’t I be a free thinker and still be on social media? I own an art page on Instagram. I’m an artist. I have my own beautiful corner on Instagram. I offer an alternative to the usual crap that many have to put up with. I’m having a blast there. I don’t think it’s the usual social media experience from what I can tell. I only know mostly artists on social media. We share love, support and our art. I have a feeling our experiences are different. So please loosen up. Don’t have so many requirements of free thinkers. I’m one, but I meet very few of your requirements.

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  3. I miss the days of conversation. Cell phone world leave people voiceless. I teach my grandchildren. Lake, parks and forest. Hard to find places where people lke to talk, laugh and have human contact.


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